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Descriptions of Featured Rosacea Articles
  • Rosacea
    Rosacea is a chronic condition that usually affects the face, causing redness, pimples, and thickened skin. This eMedTV page discusses causes, symptoms, treatment options, and self-care suggestions, including using sunscreen and mild moisturizer.
  • Rosacea Skin Care
    Dermatologists stress the importance of good rosacea skin care. Suggestions are listed in this eMedTV article, and include using gentle cleansers and avoiding rubbing, tugging, scratching, or scrubbing your face; blot skin dry instead.
  • Rosacea Treatment
    Treatment for rosacea entails self-care techniques, laser surgery, or medications, including antibiotics. This eMedTV resource offers an in-depth look at the different types of treatment options that are available and offers self-care tips.
  • Oracea
    Oracea is a prescription medicine used for treating inflammatory lesions that occur with rosacea. This eMedTV Web page describes how the drug works, explains when and how to take it, and lists potential side effects that may occur with treatment.
  • Ocular Rosacea
    Ocular rosacea is a skin condition that often results in eye irritation. This part of the eMedTV library talks about this condition in greater detail, including possible causes, a list of common symptoms, and treatment options.
  • Rhinophyma
    Rhinophyma is a condition associated with rosacea in which a person has an enlarged, bulbous, and red nose. This eMedTV archives offers an in-depth look at this medical condition, with information on symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Rhinophyma Treatment
    There are several rhinophyma treatment options, including topical or oral rosacea medications and surgery. This eMedTV segment discusses these and other treatment options that may be necessary if a patient's rosacea progresses to rhinophyma.
  • Rosacea Cure
    Although there is no rosacea cure, the condition can be treated and controlled. This section of the eMedTV Web site discusses the goals of rosacea treatment and possible triggers that may cause symptoms to flare up or get worse.
  • Metrogel
    Metrogel is a type of skin gel prescribed for the treatment of rosacea. This selection from the eMedTV Web site contains an overview of this medication, including details on dosing instructions, possible side effects, safety concerns, and more.
  • Finacea
    Finacea is a medicine approved for the treatment of rosacea. This page from the eMedTV Web site provides a complete overview of this prescription skin gel, including details on how it works, when and how to use it, potential side effects, and more.
  • Mirvaso
    Mirvaso is commonly used to reduce the redness caused by rosacea. This eMedTV Web resource provides a complete overview of this medication, including how it works, general dosing guidelines, potential side effects, and more.
  • Steroid Rosacea
    Steroid rosacea can result when corticosteroid ointments are used for eczema and other rashes. This eMedTV article offers an overview of this condition, with information on symptoms, treatment options, and whether it can come back.
  • Rosacea Causes
    This page on the eMedTV Web site explains theories for various rosacea causes, which have yet to be scientifically proven. For example, rosacea may be due to a microscopic mite, or it may be an inherited condition.
  • What Is Rosacea?
    Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes red, thickened skin and may also lead to eye problems. This eMedTV page provides an overview of this disorder, including possible causes, common symptoms, treatment options, and self-care tips.
  • Rosacea Symptoms
    This eMedTV article provides a detailed list of possible rosacea symptoms, including those for the three forms of the disease. While some people have no signs and symptoms, others experience facial redness, red lines, and pimples, among other things.
  • Rosacea Research
    Scientists believe that two factors may play a role in causing rosacea. This page of the eMedTV archives discusses the current research on rosacea, including theories on the roles of vascular disorders and microscopic mites in causing the condition.
  • Rosacea Mite
    Researchers believe that rosacea can be provoked by several factors, including a particular mite. This eMedTV resource describes this mite in detail, which has been linked to rosacea because of its increased numbers in people with the condition.
  • Oracea for Rosacea
    Doctors often prescribe Oracea to treat inflammatory lesions associated with the skin condition rosacea. This eMedTV resource describes how the drug works to treat rosacea and briefly explains when and how to take Oracea.
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